Please Stop Believing These Beauty Myths

Learning new tips and tricks that we can practice and play around with to enhance our skincare routines probably sounds like a great idea, right!? What could possibly go wrong with rubbing some Preparation H under your eyes to get rid of the puffiness... No, seriously. It's a thing! Some approaches to achieving beautiful, flawless looking skin are simply mind-blowing and we find ourselves questioning everything we thought we knew about anything skincare related. Misconceptions and myths pervade every corner of the beauty sphere. We know because we've probably tried one (if not all) of them at some point in our lives and laughed until we cried at the lengths we're willing to go to obtain perfection.

With this in mind, we'd thought we'd share with you our favorite beauty myths that just don't seem to go away. 


Toothpaste is a good pimple remedy.  

NOT! The fluoride in toothpaste can actually aggravate acne if applied to the skin. Using toothpaste on your blemishes is a definite no go! 


Makeup Causes Acne. 

Many women believe that makeup clogs pores. Foundation actually provides a barrier against environmental pollutants. Just make sure that you are choosing makeup brands that are good for the skin- ingredients that nourish and don't harm the skin. Our tip: remember to completely remove makeup every night and cleanse the skin properly before going to bed. 


You Should Never Put Oil on Oily Skin. 

Yes, we realize you've been told oil works well on every skin type. It does, if you remember to apply correctly. Many people try and combat congested skin by using harsh, stripping products that remove all oils from the skin. This causes the skin to produce even more, which in turn worsens the congestion. Oils are packed with vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants to heal, protect and hydrate the skin. 


You Can Get Rid of Cellulite. 

We hate to break it to you, but there is nothing that can permanently get rid of cellulite.  Hormones and genetics are the leading causes of cellulite. Sorry ladies! If you're seriously obsessed with cellulite on your body, keep working out and exercising regularly to diminish the appearance of cellulite and make it less noticeable. 


Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker.  

Research shows that shaving or waxing, although time-consuming, has no effect on how thick the hair grows back. Don't forget to pack your razor this summer and no hiding those legs in the wintertime (unless you're cold, then obviously wear pants please).