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Our Story

Aneela Zaman, Founder/CEO, began her career as a makeup artist in 1997 working in film, television and print across North America. Her celebrity clientele consisted of TV personalities, models, and large brands in the fashion industry.

“As an artist, in my early twenties, I believed the face was the canvas; I was all about putting color onto the face." says Aneela when asked about her beginnings in the beauty field. "By my mid-forties I realized it was really all about maintaining radiant skin, as we age we lose that special glow and elasticity in our skin. I knew it was vital to feed the skin with nourishing ingredients to help hydrate it and in turn create flawless radiant skin, and that's when I decided to reach out to my dad!"

Zaman Skincare Aneela's Father Sultan Khattak


The inspiration behind the company’s first product Sleeping Beauty came about from Aneela’s father, Sultan Khattak, who worked in research and development at Abbott, a leading laboratory in Pakistan.

It was during this time, while studying selected vitamins and minerals, that he discovered the multitude of internal and external benefits found in the Black Cumin Seed.

Her father began mixing and creating a serum of his own and handed it out to his family members. It wasn't long before others began inquiring about what amazing product was the reason for her family’s radiant skin. “In our small village our family become famous for having beautiful timeless radiant skin.” says Aneela.

Aneela began asking him questions about his early years and the formulation he had created. He reminded her of the extraordinary benefits of the Black Cumin Seed and it's wasn't long before she was in the lab working away and revising his formulation.

Zaman Skincare Rise and Shine Serum

“Timeless Radiance is what we strive for.”

- Aneela Zaman

Rise and Shine was inspired one morning while I was babysitting a girlfriend's son. I was rushing and multi-tasking like so many women do, brewing coffee, checking emails, and getting little Johnny ready. Eventually, I sat him down on the counter and prepped my face. I quickly applied my serum, fanned my face so it could dry and absorb before I applied my moisturizer. When little Johnny asked me what I was doing, I replied "getting ready" without giving it a thought.”

That's when Aneela realized her skincare regimen should be able to multitask like she did. She desired the same results from multiple products in one simple product. With that in mind, Aneela made her way into the lab spoke to her chemist and began the process of creating an All in One product for the fast-moving woman on the go.

Women today are not hiding their age – they are embracing it in new ways. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge products to help women simplify their skin care regimen while still getting optimal results.

“Timeless Radiance is what we strive for,” says Aneela “we are building skin care products that simplify lives One Face at a Time.”

Zaman Skincare offers formulations with highly effective ingredients to deliver optimal results in one easy step without all the fuss. One serum for morning and one for night. Simple, elegant, radiant.