You stare at your face in the mirror. You notice each little line, each little bump, and each little “imperfection”. At that moment, you may also notice this feeling bubbling up in your stomach- this need to try and make your face perfect… to put your fingers to your face as fast as you can to pop and pull and smooth it into submission. 

Let’s be honest, we all know we aren’t supposed to traumatize our faces in this way. But something seems to take over our minds when we stare in the mirror for long enough.

So how can we take control back over how we treat our faces? The answer is quite straight-forward (but, easier said than done): 


Even if you aren’t guilty of the aforementioned popping and pulling, there is still a good chance that you aren’t necessarily taking a mindful approach to your skincare. For many of us, skincare is a mindless, mundane task that involves washing and drying, then maybe putting on some serums or some moisturizer once or twice a day.

Yet, our skin and our souls deserve so much more than this. Too many days of our lives are spent rushing through moments without taking time to really enjoy them. So how can we start to subtly transform our morning & nightly routines to better incorporate mindfulness?

    1. We know how precious your time is, and we know that even giving five more minutes to any one task can be impossible some days. So here is our best advice: BREATHE. Becoming consciously aware of your breath while going through your skincare routine will naturally cause you to ever so slightly slow down your pace. 
    2. If you can, try to separate each step of your routine with a few deep breaths. 
    3. Additionally, give your hands (or rollers!) a couple extra seconds with each product to thoroughly massage it into your face. Your skincare routine will take no longer than one extra minute, but will leave you feeling ultimately less rushed, and more taken care of. 
    1. Just like with most things in life, less is more with skincare. You may read about the $800, 3-hour beauty routines of the rich & famous, which ultimately will make you feel like nothing you do will ever be good enough. But the truth is, if you find your few trusted products that are efficient and work for you, your skincare routine will be not only effective, but realistic and sustainable. 
    2. If you have a 12 product routine, it is bound to be more difficult to take your time and maintain mindfulness through each step. Here at Zaman, our two serums are the perfect substitution for a wide range of other products. Our focus is on hydration through the balance of oil and water, and combined with a gentle cleanser, a lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen, you will be radiant day in and day out.
    1. If you often find yourself staring into a magnified mirror, mindlessly picking away at your skin without even stopping to realize the damage you are doing, then you need to get rid of that mirror! 
    2. Magnified mirrors breed self-judgment and insecurity. There is no other context in this world in which you or someone else would see your face up THAT closely, so give yourself some peace of mind and throw that mirror away!
    1. Every once in a while you deserve to treat your skin like royalty and really be present for it. This doesn’t have to be expensive, but it just needs to be something that you can truly sit back and enjoy.
    2. For example, getting a facial gives you an opportunity to truly enjoy taking care of your skin without a rush. The cool touch of the estheticians hands, the gentle scrubs, the leisure and the warm towels are all at the forefront of your awareness, and can inspire you to take a similar relaxed approach to skincare even when it is just you in your bathroom.
    3. If facials are too expensive or not your style, no problem. Creating your own mask at home using simple, non-comedogenic oils and natural ingredients can be an amazing alternative that still guides you into a relaxed, mindful skincare session. 
    1. On the couch, in bed, as you drive or whatever- stop mindlessly touching your face! If you find you start to put your fingers on “problem areas” throughout the day, then it is important to find alternatives.
    2. If it is a day off or before bed, putting on a sheet mask or a DIY moisture mask can prevent you from grabbing at your skin for at least the length of time you have the mask on.
    3. If there is a particular spot that is consuming your mind, then a simple hydrocolloid bandage may do the trick. A hydrocolloid bandage, when applied directly on a blemish, can not only conceal it, but also heal it in a way that won’t spread bacteria or harm the skin.
    4. Rollers!! At Zaman we offer two types of rollers which you can use as an alternative to touching literally any time of the day. Whether you are watching tv, reading a book, or even walking on the treadmill, you can use the roller to fulfill that need to touch your face in a healthier way that won’t lead to inflammation, swelling, bruising, or scarring.