Time: Our friend or our enemy?

Another year passes, another day passes, another minute passes.  And despite our desperate attempts to slow it down or stop it, time still passes.


Call it destiny, but the family name “Zaman” actually translates to “time” in Arabic. Naturally, this got us thinking about how the concept of time is connected with our belief and our vision for Zaman Skincare.


Time is often considered the enemy when it comes to our skin. With more time comes more exposure to the sun and to harsh environmental elements, both of which can have deep negative impacts on the radiance of our skin. Yet, how is it that some people fall victim to time’s affect on skin, while others (*cough cough* PHARRELL) seem to look even better as time goes on??


Sure, maybe we weren’t all born with Pharrell’s genetics, but you better believe that we can still have that timeless, radiant skin.


So without further ado, here are 6 straightforward tips to get you well on your way to that timeless glow we are all loving here at Zaman.

  1. Water: Your body NEEDS water. A quick google search of how to handle literally any skin concern will turn up 1,000 different articles that all start the same way: DRINK WATER. Easiest way to do that? Fill a reusable bottle with water and put it next to your bed before you sleep. Drink it all first thing in the morning and set yourself up for a day of hydration. 
  2. Sun Protection: UV rays are the real enemy, not time. SPF is your new best friend, and luckily, tons of amazing skin care products have began incorporating UV protection into their ingredients. Further protect your skin while outside by wearing a hat or carrying a cute umbrella.
  3. Nutrition: What you put in your body WILL reflect on your skin. So focus on: Veggies and fruits of all colors. Omega-3s. Vitamins. Green tea. Antioxidants. Put simply, foods that help you feel healthy on the inside will help you look healthy on the outside.
  4. Blood Flow: We all know that blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients to our skin and other organs. That blood flow also helps to circulate toxins and excess fluids out of our systems, leaving skin rejuvenated and ready to fight the effects of time. The best way to improve this blood flow is through regular movement and exercise; yet, you can maximize the benefits of great circulation by using a Zaman facial roller to improve blood flow to target skin regions such as the face and neck.
  5. Sleep: How much time you spend asleep can impact the affect that time has on your skin. Whenever possible, adults should aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Our best advice? Put your phone away at least 30 minutes before bed to ensure that your activated mind does not further prevent your body from entering a deep sleep. Do one last check of your emails and set your alarms before putting the phone on your bedside table. Then go through your nightly skincare routine, drink some water, write in a journal or read a book, and head to bed without the distraction of Instagram or GMail. Your skin will thank you!

and finally.....

  1. ZAMAN!!: Incorporating Zaman into your morning and evening routines will provide your skin with even more of that vital moisture it needs! With a basis of herbal cell water, our Rise & Shine serum penetrates deep to hydrate and rejuvenate tired, dry skin each morning. In the evenings, our Sleeping Beauty serum uses Black Cumin Seed oil to lock in hydration and protect the top layers of your skin from losing their precious moisture. With water in the morning and oil at night, your skin will begin to defy time so you too can have TIMELESS RADIANCE.