Our Co-Founder Gets Her Eyebrows Microbladed

Microblading is the hottest eyebrow treatment around. It’s a massive hype right now, offering an incredibly fuller natural-looking brow. Microblading is the art of applying permanent makeup (which lasts about a year or so) most often to the brows. During the procedure, a brow specialist or licensed aesthetician imparts pigment into your brows via small incisions with a blade-like tool. Microblading is essentially “manual” tattooing, but without the buzz of a traditional tattoo needle. So, if you have very minimal eyebrows, or if you’re using a pencil to fill in your brows or brush them into place with one of the many brow gels you own, then microblading just might be the fabulous procedure you need to baptize your brows and achieve serious brow goals.


Our incredible co-founder recently tried microblading and here is what she learned from the experience…

  • Microblading is painful. Although your brow specialist will apply numbing cream prior to the start of the procedure, you will feel the tiny blade scratching against your skin (manual microblading feels oddly similar to having your eyebrows threaded). Ouch! But, as we all know, beauty is pain.
  • Get ready for very dark brows. Right after the appointment, you can expect your brows to look much darker and stark than ever before. Over time, though, your brows will fade to a much more natural-looking shade and shape.
  • You will need touch-ups. Be prepared to follow a full-on brow regimen. While your new brows will not disappear, the color will fade over time and touch-ups will be essential to having perfect brows.
  • Use an aftercare product. We recommend using Zaman Skincare’s Sleeping Beauty Illuminating serum. It’s one of the best aftercare products you could use following microblading to facilitate the healing process. The secret? Black cumin seed oil heals all things!

For a damn beautiful pair of brows, go ahead and book an appointment with a brow specialist or certified aesthetician today!