How to Achieve Radiant Skin

This is how to achieve radiant skin with some easy tips for anyone. It is a common saying that real beauty comes from within. There is nothing more close to the truth than this. Within not only means to have a positive mindset but also to keep your body and mind health. When the body is well fed on nutritious food and regular exercise and mind is active and well taken care of, then automatically it will be evident from the outside.

Your Biggest Organ 

The outside of our body is skin. This is the biggest organ of our body and the most neglected as well. A radiant skin is the number one indicator of health body and mind. If the skin possesses the radiance then it is actually a reflection of well-nourished skin. So on how to achieve radiant skin means you must take care of yourself inside and out. 

For most of the human beings, it is very easy to have an estimate of their skin. The reason, age is evident from the skin. A wrinkled, dehydrated or low-quality skin indicates that the person is aging. As the younger people have a firm and radiant skin. Interestingly this thing can be overcome, if a person starts early in feeding and taking care of his skin, then soon age will become just a number. On top of that not only you look good as a person, if makeup is applied on radiant skin, then it will also have a mesmerizing effect. 

Today there are both natural and unnatural methods which are available for achieving a radiant skin. But it is always advisable to select natural ways instead of unnatural ones. The most common way is through food. Consuming some specific foods will provide a glow to the skin. One such list is explained below.

Foods for Radiant Skin

When it comes to achieving the radiant skin then following is the list of ten foods that helps in having a glow on your skin in a natural way.

How to Achieve Radiant Skin


The first food on our list is blueberries and rest of the berry family. These berries help in renewal and tightening of the skin due to the higher amount of fiber, vitamin A and C and also having a lower amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.


Spinach is known for packed with antioxidants and nutrients. The main component here is lutein which is required for keeping the white portion of the eyes white. Other nutrients include vitamin B, C and E along with potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.


This fruit has the ability of firming up your skin. This prevents the early signs of ageing by keeping wrinkles at bay. This fruit also supports healthy bones and teeth. 

Dark Chocolate

For a long time eating chocolate is considered to have detrimental effects on the body. But now a growing body of the research is discovering the health benefits of the dark chocolate. The higher content of flavonoids in dark chocolate helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Flavonoids are also known for protecting the skin from the sun damage. 


The highest level of nutrients in salmon is omega-3 fatty acids. These acids help in reduction of inflammation in the body which in turn leads to moisturized skin, clear pores and removal of wrinkles and fine lines. 


Next food on the list is watermelon. This will act as a protection against sun along with clearing up of blemishes and smoothening of skin. One neglected fact in skin care is increasing is elasticity and watermelon exactly helps in achieving that. 


Oranges and all other fruits that belong to the same family are known for the prevention of wrinkles by help in toning of the skin. The higher content of the vitamin C in oranges leads to the improvement of the texture and color of the skin.


Avocados are a powerhouse of vitamin A, D and E. These vitamins help in improving the quality of the skin and prevention of blemishes. This process is further enhanced due to the higher level of minerals and iron. 


Number one food that is used for radiant skin is eggs. Eggs have the ability to repair the tissue damage that your skin has undergone over the years. The compounds like selenium, vitamin A and copper will protect your skin from infections, developing abnormalities in the skin and promoting elasticity. 

Good Skin and Makeup

Makeup has become an essential part of our lives no matter what is the event. It is almost habitual to apply some makeup before going out of the house. Even for the daily activities. Like going to the work, makeup is considered as an essential element of getting ready skin.

Despite having access to the same kind and varieties of the make-up, some will be able to achieve that airbrushed, magazine-like, perfect look. While for some it is one of the difficult tasks to get their make-up game on point. 

Interestingly the difference does not lie in the brands of the make-up but in the skin type of the person. What most people get wrong about makeup is that they neglect the importance of having a good skin for the flawless application of the makeup. Having a good skin is one of the pre-requisite for the flawless makeup look. 

The question is how a good skin contributes towards the better application of the makeup. The answer is very simple. When it comes to the application of the makeup your skin plays the role of the foundation. If the foundation is wrong then the whole building will sway to either side. While a strong foundation ensures a strong building. The actual job of the makeup is to enhance what you already have not to hide the flaws and that is where it goes wrong. People use it for hiding flaws instead of enhancing medium.

The final verdict in this regard is, keep your skin healthy while taking care of your body. The excellent makeup application and look will automatically follow. Never forget beauty always works from inside out.

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