I Can’t Believe the Hype—Apple Stem Cells!

You should absolutely always DO YOU… except when it comes to your skincare regimen!

YAAASSSS, finally there are so many new things to try to achieve flawless skin. But, with so many things to try, how do you figure out which ones actually work!? The beauty industry is full of anti-aging scammers promoting some new, life altering product that promises the world! YouTube beauty gurus, cosmetic companies, and people with genetically perfect skin are all guilty of dishing out an endless supply of skincare advice and tricks for flawless skin that are totally unnecessary and gimmicky (think of fish pedicures and gold leaf facials). Don’t buy it! Do not spend your money or your time on these beauty gimmicks that simply do not work. To prevent yourself from falling for a skincare gimmick, a useless cosmetic product, or a beauty myth, read on and discover an ingredient that really, really works.

The newest promise? Apple stem cells.

The process of extracting stem cells from an apple tree cultivated for its extraordinary longevity has shown tremendous ability to rejuvenate aging skin. Much like human stem cells, plant stem cells have the ability to regenerate other cells. Scientists extract the stem cells from the fruit to create anti-aging beauty products that rejuvenate the skin. Basically, plant stem cells bring youthful skin back to life! 

Over time, our skin starts to show signs of aging, including loss of elasticity, thinning, discoloration and wrinkling. Apple stem cells target premature aging and fine lines, and they reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The use of apple stem cells promises to protect skin cells from the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays, repair damaged tissue and promote new healthy skin cell formation, and increase the skin’s cell vitality, longevity and elasticity. Scientists are continuously studying apple stem cells! Their research backs the hype behind apple stem cells. They are skin firming, skin rebuilding, skin rejuvenating, and skin moisturizing.

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