Zaman Skincare Now in Prestigious Salon Fodera in New York's St. Regis Hotel!

Salon Fodera is the crown jewel of the St. Regis hotel in New York City, where everyone from celebrities to politicians and business moguls come to experience internationally award-winning stylists and their unmatched creativity. The salon’s owner, Salvatore Fodera, opened up his first salon in New York’s Warwick Hotel in 1975. He later moved his styling expertise to the St. Regis Hotel where he passed on his pampering experience to his two sons, Gianni and Vincent. Together, Salvatore and his sons have reigned in the New York styling world for 25 years. The Fodera men have also been victorious in many styling competitions worldwide.

While the CEO and founder of Zaman Skincare, Aneela Zaman, was attending CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) in New York City in February of this year, she had the great pleasure of meeting Gianni Fodera, Co-Owner of Salon Fodera and one of the industry’s hottest young hair designers. Aneela shared the story behind Zaman Skincare and her vision for the indie brand with Gianni, inspiring him to introduce Zaman Skincare to Salon Fodera.  


Zaman Skincare is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Salon Fodera. The two serums designed exclusively by Zaman Skincare are now available for sale in Salon Fodera in New York’s St. Regis Hotel! Now, you can have access to timeless radiance right inside one of New York City’s finest salons. Who says you can’t get your hair styled and achieve radiant, vibrant, moisturized skin at the same time?!